About this blog

Why yet another “learn to paint” blog? There are plenty of blogs by successful artists; plenty detailing specific styles, techniques, media. Plenty, of course, written for newbies like me. What could I, a completely untrained novice of no special talent, have to offer to the conversation?

Well…that. Unlike someone far down the road squinting back, I’m just like you, feeling my way, figuring it out. Until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t know the right way to hold a paintbrush, and my first paintings looked like… well, you’ll see.

And you will see, because I’ll be posting my efforts — successful and not — every step of the way. If I improve, I’ll show you what I did, and if you’re a newbie too we’ll learn together. I’ll have just as much to learn from you, whatever stage you’re at.

Join me!